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Learn to Answer Questions the Right Way


Answering questions seems pretty simple, right? We practice daily, fielding 20 questions a day on average. By this point, we should all be experts at it. And yet, most of us struggle, unknowingly.

When we struggle to answer questions clearly, we risk confusing our audience, damaging our relationships, diminishing our impact, limiting our influence and stifling our career potential.

You might have all the answers, but if you’re not concise, engaging and confident in delivery, no one will know it but you.

Don’t wait! Here’s your chance to forge your own growth with our high-touch, high-impact open enrolment training webinars.

Answer The Damn Question is a new workshop from Cadence that’s been designed to help you master the essential art of answering questions.

From this engaging and practical workshop, you’ll adopt the skill sets and mindsets necessary for ensuring that your knowledge and value is always clearly conveyed and understood

Our hands-on approach is fun, challenging, insightful, and most important of all, gets results.

You will gain:

CLARITY on how to answer questions in the moment and prepare for the ones that have yet to be asked.

A FRAMEWORK you can implement immediately after the workshop to effectively answer the damn question.

THE SKILLS necessary for ensuring that your knowledge and value are always clearly conveyed and understood.

THE CONFIDENCE to navigate conversations, giving your clients, stakeholders, leaders and colleagues the answers they need in the most impactful and effective way.

A COACH who will give you feedback in real-time and set you on a path to greater communication.

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Build a solid, well-rounded communication foundation that will maximize your impact, improve your presence and get you that promotion or new job. See what other courses we’re running.

What makes us better will make you great

Our unique MINDSET + SKILLSET methodology has been proven to maximize retention of new ideas and will make every skill you master a natural extension of who you are. Combined with our experienced and diverse team of professionals, you’ll explore more effective and purposeful ways of both thinking and doing.

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