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Cadence Leadership Training & Communication Development

Continued success in your professional life means being able to convey who you are and what you believe concisely and compellingly to others. You have to be able to communicate clearly and convincingly with your actions and your words, in any medium and any situation.

Cadence enables professionals at all levels to build stronger interpersonal relationships and realize greater professional success by helping them overcome the obstacles and fears that stand in their way.

Leadership & Communication Training Courses

Overcome the obstacles or fears that are holding you back. Our core programs are always tailored to ensure the content we’re providing is exactly what you need to achieve your goals.

  • Interconnected learning modules to match client need
  • Engaging and inspiring sessions that provide real results
  • Courses can be customized from the ground up

Our group learning sessions come in two formats: Core and Custom. Both formats are offered virtually. All of the learning is applied, meaning participants put the ideas and skills into practice as they learn. Group size varies based on the length and focus of the session, with the average being 12 participants. However, group size can be smaller or much larger depending on the course material.

We love working in group learning environments and our courses show it. Expect engaging and inspiring sessions that provide real results.

Leading with Purpose

Create meaningful goals that enable you to inspire and build momentum

Everyday Communication

Communicate inspirationally everyday from leading meetings to off-the-cuff conversations

Leading at a Distance

Communicating effectively: The key to success when leading at a distance

The Expert

Learn influence and how to foster relationships, and inspire through communication

Additional Courses Designed to Meet the Emotional And Psychological Challenges Faced in the Workplace

Recognizing & Managing
Emotional Labour

Get the tools and insights you need to counter the effects of emotional and psychological challenges present in the workplace. Learn how to get a handle on burnout and fatigue by tapping into the benefits of a long term stress response system while maintaining better physical and mental health.

Your Energy

Knowing where to expend your limited energy is essential to creating a life that is balanced and fulfilling, yet we often find ourselves expending too much of it on things that keep us from being happy. Learn how to quantify your efforts and strategically realign your energy use for greater satisfaction.

Countering the Effects of
Long-Term Stress

Knowing how to take care of yourself during periods of undue stress is critical for protecting physical and mental wellness. With this session, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the many effects of chronic stress, and how to adopt an individualized approach of self care and remain healthy.

Leading with
Positive Vulnerability

Demonstrating positive vulnerability reduces emotional labour for your team members and makes it easier for them to be themselves at work. We’ll show you how to facilitate a positive vulnerability session and provide examples of what positive vulnerability looks like in a professional environment.

What makes us better will make you great

Our unique MINDSET + SKILLSET methodology has been proven to maximize retention of new ideas and will make every skill you master a natural extension of who you are. Combined with our experienced and diverse team of professionals, you’ll explore more effective and purposeful ways of both thinking and doing.

Leadership Coaching

  • One-to-one coaching is available in six-month or full-year engagements
  • Custom tailored specifically for you and focused on leadership, communication or a combination of the two
  • Optional 360 assessment

Our one-on-one coaching is available in six month of full year terms, and is designed to sharpen skills in leadership, communication or both.

We strive to make the coaching experience as engaging, honest and encouraging as possible and our unique Mindset + Skillset approach has proven to be the most effective method for ensuring individuals, teams and organizations reach their goals.

Learn to better understand yourself, your audience and your business environment, and use this intelligence to design your approach to communicating and leading.

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“Their coaching and mentoring has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally, and their techniques and training have extended to our leadership team as well. My organization has been fortunate to have Aram and his team as a big part of our success on this journey.”

– CEO, Building Services Sector

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