As Per My Last Email: The Art of Writing Killer Emails

Of all written communications at work, email is the most essential to get right.

Email matters – more than 333.2 billion emails are sent annually, and each of these emails maintains, builds, or damages relationships. Yet hardly any of us have received training on how to do it well. Think about the last email you received that bothered you. Now, how do you feel? If thinking about it still bothers you, you can see where we’re going with this. We can unintentionally misstep, causing a cascade of bad feelings and misunderstandings in our written communication.

With email so ingrained in our daily work, this course is essential for every professional who wants to improve their written communication and the efficacy of the emails they send. This 90-minute session covers the fundamentals and framework for writing killer emails and best practices to drive action, build and maintain strong relationships, and communicate effectively with every push of the send button.  

Key Learnings:

  • Email etiquette and best practices. 
  • Developing an understanding of the fundamentals of effective written communication and a framework for writing killer emails.  
  • Understanding what makes a highly readable and more impactful email. 
  • Self-regulation when tensions rise – when to walk away from the screen or make a phone call instead

Key Outcomes:

  • An understanding of how to make the most impact and drive action through email. 
  • A mindset that will allow you to stay grounded – even when tackling the most challenging emails. 
  • Master the skills necessary to communicate effectively through your writing. 
  • Confidence in your writing to compose better emails that people will actually read and take action from. 

Get Accredited:

We are now offering digital competency badges for the skills developed in this course. Learn more about how to level up your communication and share your development with colleagues and employers.

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Event Dates:

Tue, November 14, 2023
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT

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