Martinez Crider

Facilitation Consultant

Keisha Martinez is a therapist and diversity expert with over 15 years of experience leading programs and teams. She started her career as a psychotherapist serving people of all ages and communities, specializing in supporting marginalized communities. She also worked as a clinical supervisor, managing and developing new clinicians.


Background & Experience

In addition to a breadth of therapeutic and community work, she has established herself as a leader in DEI and program management. As Senior Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program Manager at Amazon, she developed a well-being program. She helped launch multiple ground-breaking DEI initiatives, such as the Senior Leadership Summit and a monthly DEI learning series. Additionally, she is a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, offering organizational, team, and individual coaching. Keisha attended Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, where she received her bachelor’s in communication and master’s in professional counseling.

Coaching Approach

Keisha’s coaching approach is multifaceted and adaptive, beginning with a deep understanding of individuals or teams and their goals and barriers. She collaboratively sets meaningful goals, employing a strengths vs. deficits perspective to encourage team building, collaboration, and a growth mindset. Through open communication and active participation, Keisha guides the team in problem-solving, leveraging their strengths to overcome challenges. Her coaching style creates a supportive and empowering environment, fostering continuous learning and development, and emphasizing personalized strategies for sustained success.