Media Research Lead + Associate

Monica Krock is the Media Research Lead and Associate for Cadence, recognized for her curiosity, nurturing and intuitive nature and innate capacity to meet clients where they are. Monica’s time as a paralegal informs her approach to research and writing. She facilitates calm, clarity and empowered presence by drawing from her almost two decades of experience as a teacher, coach and business owner. She has worked with individuals and groups, guiding them toward actualizing personal and professional goals. In addition, Monica offers expert support related to physical presence and managing the sympathetic nervous system response. Monica values the importance of equanimity and knows what it takes to develop the skills needed to access transformation.

Background & Experience

Monica made the shift from a career as a paralegal in 2000 into the therapeutic wellness space. Sought after for her expertise teaching mindfulness and physical presence, Monica has facilitated specialized courses and workshops, as well as organized sold-out annual retreats for eight consecutive years. Monica has over 15 years of experience as a childbirth coach, empowering people to face fears and challenges while navigating heightened states of physiological and psychological response. Monica is also a certified therapeutic yoga practitioner and coach, recognized in her community for her dedication, service and excellence.

Coaching Approach

Monica’s clients experience a greater awareness of the mind-body connection. She provides clients with the tools needed to manage the sympathetic nervous system response and gain access to their full range of skills, no matter the scenario. Monica’s intuitive and supportive approach allows clients to uncover and harness clarity with a focused, empowered presence, allowing for growth essential for their professional and personal success.