Operations Lead

Patrick McEachnie is the in-house Operations Lead at Cadence, as well as an educator and a musician. Having spent 10+ years developing customer service, interpersonal skills, and the foresight needed to problem solve before problems even arise, he prides himself on his articulate and distinct sense of customer care. Never limited by past experiences, he rises to any challenge that lands on his plate at Cadence.

Background & Experience

Having worked in formal education, customer service, funeral services, and the music industry, Patrick is considered somewhat of a utility player. Having begun his career in public education, he began the transition to the corporate world through a desire for professional and personal development, and the realization that education continues well after formal education stops. Patrick has been a drummer since adolescence, ran an independent record label, and continues to play music across Canada to this day. This has afforded him the unique skill of tapping into the non-verbal rhythm of communication that has become fundamental to his professional life. He graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Arts, and from UOIT with a Bachelor of Education.

Coaching Approach

Patrick brings a can-do attitude to the front line of Cadence. Through a high-energy presence, he remains calm and organized to ensure that the many wheels of Cadence remain greased. His acute attention to detail allows all at Cadence, staff and clients alike, to see the most of their time.