Senior Associate / Internal Training Lead

Sean Lande

Sean Lande is a Senior Associate and Internal Training Lead at Cadence. He brings over 15 years of experience guiding individuals towards the realization of their personal and professional goals. With experience as a coach, trainer, and business owner, Sean offers expert support related to physical presence, self-esteem, emotional health and relational intelligence. Throughout the years, Sean’s honesty, integrity and thoughtful attitude have made him sought after by individuals at the top of their fields, including business, medicine and law. Sean knows how to reach people and offer them the awareness they need to take the next step to where they want to be.

Background & Experience

Sean began his career in training and management, but quickly found that his ability to pinpoint nuanced, individualized and empathic approaches in his work with others is his forte. Through active listening, analytical observation and a genuine interest to understand his clients, Sean is able recognize their needs. Sean’s abilities and intuitive awareness allow him to coach people to eliminate undesirable habits, break down barriers related to communication and develop skills to foster more meaningful connections with others.

Coaching Approach

Sean’s clients experience a greater awareness of their unique spoken and physical messaging. Through these realizations, they are able to alter their stance to feel self-assured, attract attention, and inspire others. Focusing on a multitude of behaviour indicators, Sean provides clients with the feedback, tools and confidence needed to propel them to uncover and harness strengths, allowing for growth and improvement essential for their professional and personal success.