Open Enrolment Consultant

Willow Sprague

Willow Sprague is an Open Enrolment Consultant for Cadence. She brings a high relational IQ, a savvy of personnel dynamics, and strong communication skills to the team. She has experience in client relations, professional report writing, and public speaking. Willow loves people, and this drives her in our people-focused business.

Background & Experience

Based in Nashville, TN, Willow holds a degree in International Business and Spanish from Belmont University. Adding to that foundation, she is fluent in people skills, conversant in Spanish, and schooled in the rigours of being an entrepreneur. Willow has been with
Cadence since April of 2019. Additionally, she is the co-founder of a mobile bartending company based in Nashville with branches across several US cities. This has given her a real-world understanding of the dynamics of branding, building a business, and managing
people and client relations. Willow is widely travelled and adept in cross-cultural settings. Her role at Cadence continues to diversify her understanding of various industries, corporate functions, and building a healthy culture that maximizes impact.