Activism in Art with Alice Bag, Ep. 21

On this episode of One Step Beyond, Aram sat down with Alice Bag to discuss the role that art has in social change and activism. Alice has been active in music since 1977 when she co-founded the first wave LA punk band The Bags, famously captured in Penelope Spheeris’ 1981 punk time capsule The Decline of Western Civilization. Alice went on to perform with Cholita, Las Tres, and Castration Squad, and has released three solo records. She’s an educator, a writer, and a lifelong activist. Alice also maintains the Women in LA Punk Archive.


On this episode we talk about:
• Corporate involvement in art
• How Alicia Armendariz became Alice Bag
• How Alice became a feminist, an artist, and an activist from an early age
• Political (and apolitical) art
• Not waiting until you have the proper training to act
• Looking at the US through the eyes of an outsider
• Erasure of women in punk
• The power of human connection
• Taking on iconoclasts
• Exploring disagreement


Connect with Alice on her website, on Instagram, and on Twitter.


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