One Step Beyond Podcast Featuring Adam Lentz of RevHQ

Community over Competition: Insights from Adam Lentz on Growing Together

Adam Lentz, globally recognized music industry professional for over two decades, joins the One Step Beyond Podcast from Los Angeles to talk about becoming a leader and mentor to others.

During this episode Aram and Adam discuss managing expectations as your role matures, and using a strong analytical process to evolve in a business that progresses at lightning speed.

They explore the joy of taking risks and encouraging others to grow. This episode delves into managing the impact of a deep connection to work, and tools used to manage the impact, duration and frequency, on mental health.


  • Building a community where everyone benefits from success
  • Encouraging people around you to grow
  • The joy of taking risks, calculated vs uncalculated
  • Maintaining both ethos and ethics while running a business
  • Managing expectations and maintaining trust as your role changes
  • Using a strong analytics process to evolve in a fluid industry
  • Finishing a degree as an adult with renewed sense of purpose
  • Valuing interpersonal relationships
  • Becoming an unintentional mentor
  • Tools to manage mental health

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