Addiction in the Workplace. Ep. 6

On this episode of the podcast we connect with Senior Leader, Sandy Thompson about addiction in the workplace. Sandy and Aram share their personal experiences around this topic and consider why addiction is so prevalent in high performance culture. They discuss the importance of vulnerability and accountability and share steps people can take to support each other in the workplace.

On this episode we talk about:

  • Sandy’s journey with addiction and when it cross over into the workplace and how he got sober
  • Support for people living and struggling with addiction in the workplace – What’s available and if, when and how to help.
  • Why addiction is so prevalent in high performance culture.
  • Why the personality characteristics of addicts tend to lead them to leadership positions.
  • Why Sandy is so open about his personal experience with addiction.
  • Vulnerability, accountability and the opportunity for North American Corporate culture to approach addiction where it’s at and educate.
  • Sandy shares powerful advice to those struggling with addiction and to those planning on getting sober while remaining in the workplace.
  • Finally we discuss the specifics around getting sober and speak honestly about relapse.

About our guests:

Sandy Thompson is Vice President of Sales at Ceribell. He is a well-respected Senior Sales Leader who has built and led high performing sales organizations in multiple Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups. His sales organizations/teams are known for consistently delivering outstanding business results and possessing the highest levels of employee satisfaction and motivation.

He is also a recovering alcoholic (12 years sobriety) who is very active in helping others in recovery from addiction.