Bringing Your Whole Self To Work – Finn McKenty, Punk Rock MBA Ep. 15

Finn McKenty is a social media marketer, a Youtuber, and the founder of the Punk Rock MBA. With over 17,000,000 plays on Youtube, he has become the go-to source for deep dives into some of the most niche and obscure corners of the music world. Finn joined us on this episode of One Step Beyond to discuss the idea of bringing one’s whole self to work. Through Finn’s personal and professional experience, he’s clashed with management, clashed with the punk scene, and ultimately clashed with himself. We discuss his successes with harnessing those clashes and turning challenge into something fruitful.

On this episode we talk about:
• Finn’s first experience with punk, zine-publishing, and content creation.
• Being validated by your musical heroes at a young age.
• Why you should ask for what you want, and not wait for the offer.
• How to bring positive attention to bands everyone hates.
• The power of online community and communication.
• How to shoot yourself in the foot.
• Whole self vs Best self vs Worst self.
• How to realize you might be full of it, and what to do about it.
• Moving on from the idea of who you are.


About our guest:

Finn McKenty is the owner and founder of Punk Rock MBA, a YouTube channel and podcast dedicated to information and inspiration for the DIY community. He documents trends, ideas and movements throughout the history of punk, hardcore, metal and related subcultures, all with the goal of helping his audience achieve their own goals (and hopefully making them laugh a little along the way). Finn was the executive producer of Creative Live’s Music & Audio channel, and previously ran the comedy website Stuff You Will Hate.


Connect with Finn through the following channels:
• Instagram: @FinnMcKenty
• Twitter: @ThePunkRockMBA
• Website: Finn McKenty

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