Cadence Sprint – Answering Questions Effectively

Welcome to the all new Cadence Sprint. These are short burst episodes tackling bite-sized leadership lessons. Each sprint covers a topic that Aram is passionate about and offers high impact info you can digest and apply in under 10 minutes. On today’s episode, Aram discusses a corner of dialogue that many struggle with, whether they know it or not: Answering questions effectively.

When answering questions, do you ever feel like you talk and talk, explaining the answer you’re about to give? And when you finally get to the answer, the question is lost in the story? You’re talking your way to the answer, like a funnel.  By using the Answer Pyramid not only can you cut out the noise of thinking out loud, but you can also craft an effective and concise answer. In this episode, Aram explains this model that has a huge impact on efficient conversation and relationship building.

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