Jesse Gander

Charge Your Worth – Jesse Gander

On this episode of One Step Beyond, we are joined by Jesse Gander.

Jesse Gander, the owner of Rain City Recorders, joins the One Step Beyond Podcast at his legendary Vancouver, B.C. recording studio. We discuss where it all began, with Jesse learning to record music in his parent’s basement during high school, to where it is now. Jesse as an inspirational business leader, globally recognized Chief Recording Engineer, Producer and studio owner.

This episode goes deep into what it means to understand and charge your value; becoming confident with the skills you bring to the table and charging your worth in line with your skills and your values.

We touch on the impact of disruptive technologies on the music industry, the concept of the race to the bottom and operating within sustainable and ethical business practices.


  • His path to producer, recording engineer and studio owner
  • Working within your means and filling a need within your community
  • Running a sustainable, ethical and profitable business
  • Thoughtfully moving into higher price range in the market
  • Getting comfortable with dictating the terms of work
  • And much more!

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