Chef Tanya Petrovna

Scaling Up with Heart: Chef Tanya Petrovna’s Compassionate Business Model

On this episode of One Step Beyond, we are joined Tanya Petrovna, founder of MT Plate, the legendary Native Foods and her current venture in Palm Springs and Palm Desert, Chef Tanya’s kitchen.

This episode delves into what it takes to found and scale up a business as a female entrepreneur in an emerging market. Aram and Chef Tanya discuss what it means to envision success and harness the enduring power of a growth mindset.

Chef Tanya explains the catalyst to becoming vegetarian at age 18 and the impact of learning to cook seitan and fresh cultured tempeh. Chef Tanya shares her experience as a successful business leader, encouraging discernment of opportunities. Chef Tanya further shares about recognizing the importance of trusting your instincts.

On this episode, Aram and Chef Tanya discuss the decision of whether to take on investors, and what giving up equity often means for women in business.


  • Founding and scaling up Native Foods
  • Having a growth mindset
  • The value of hiring consultants
  • The impact of taking on investors and giving up equity
  • Discernment of opportunities

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