Deviating From The Norm – Rob Fish [PCRK Group, 108], Ep. 33

We’re very pleased to have Rob Fish join Aram on this episode of One Step Beyond. Rob is the President & CEO of PCRK Group in Scottsdale, Arizona. Rob’s story of deviating from the norm is a long one – by age 15, he was playing in punk bands and finding his own way. That trailblazing attitude didn’t slow down, and it still hasn’t to this day. From taking a cashier position at Kinko’s to taking on the CEO role at PCRK, Rob’s story is anything by ordinary (even by punk standards). Today, PCRK owns and operates Massage Envy franchise locations across 10 states, with more in their sights. Buckle up, because Rob and Aram’s story goes way back, and you’re coming along for the ride.

In this episode, we talk about:

• Authenticity in art and in business
• Learning the confidence to deviate
• Know when you’ve searched for yourself for long enough
• What to do when your vehicle of self discovery doesn’t have any gas left
• Empowering your team to take care of customers
• Fail quickly, but remembering to learn from it
• Hiring for potential

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