Don’t Wait for it to Happen: Creating Change in your Community – Doug Miles Jr., Ep. 30

This week on One Step Beyond, Aram is joined by Doug Miles Jr, a professional skateboarder, film maker, entrepreneur, and rez skateboarding expert. Doug doesn’t wait for change to happen, he steps up and does it himself. Inspired by his passion for skateboarding, he’s raising money to build a skatepark on the White Mountain Apache Nation Reservation in Whiteriver, Arizona – the first of its kind. With plans to snowball his fundraiser into a non-profit to continue building skateparks in Native Reservations across the US, Doug isn’t waiting for it happen. Click here to donate to the Apache Passion Project fundraiser.

In this episode, we talk about:

• What skateboarding means to Apache youth
Apache Skateboards – the first Native American owned skate brand
• Photography, marketing, editing, and other skills fostered by skate culture
• What a community that needs opportunity and change feels like
• Subculture as a means of finding one’s value
• Knowing that you can do what needs to be done
Why it’s important to use your skills to help others

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