Empowering People – Johnny Schillereff [Element Skateboards], Ep. 92

On this episode of One Step Beyond, we are joined by Johnny Schillereff, Founder of Element Skateboards and The Heart Supply.

Johnny Schillereff is an avid artist, entrepreneur, skateboarding philanthropist, and founder of Element Skateboards and The Heart Supply. Johnny founded Element in the early 90s which has stores in more than 100 countries, as well as building skate camps across the globe in the United States, Japan, Australia and even South Africa.

In 2001, Johnny sold Element and remained a key shareholder, President, and public figure for nearly two decades. After nearly thirty years at the brand, Johnny left Element fully in 2020 and created The Heart Supply, which is the first beginner skateboard company that gives brand-new fully assembled skateboards to kids in need around the world. His mission today is to be happy, lead by example, teach and continue to positively impact skateboarding.

In this episode, we talk about:
-Realizing you need help as a leader
-Target fixation
-Breaking up leadership emotion
-The 80% rule
-Letting go of something that you built from the ground up
-And much more!

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