From Idea To Execution – Carlos Ramirez, Ep 27

On this episode of One Step Beyond, we brought on Carlos Ramirez to discuss the process of taking a project all the way from the idea to the finish line. Carlos is the co-founder of Fascination Street Films, a TV/film production company, and the founder of No Echo, a punk/hardcore music site. Carlos and Aram discuss the arduous process of making TV programming, and they compare that to the Do It Yourself model of No Echo. One involves near-instant gratification, while the other can take months of waiting and success is no guarantee. Ramirez has played in such bands as Black Army Jacket, Lakota, Hope Collapse, and Deny the Cross.


In this episode we talk about:

• How one person can move an elephant
• Coming to the “I can do that” realization
• The creative process (and red tape) of the TV industry
• When good ideas get choked out
• Why do so many TV shows have a celebrity endorsement?
• The consistency needed to succeed
• Leaning into your audience, but not pandering
• Feeding the need to create
• What to do when nothing happens


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