Growth, Adaptation, And How Music Can Change The World – Mike Gitter, Ep 28

We’re very pleased to have Mike Gitter join Aram Arslanian on this episode of One Step Beyond. Mike ran the xXx fanzine from 1983-1988, before making the jump into the world of A&R in the music industry. Today, Mike is the Vice President of A&R at Century Media Records, and he has spent time at Atlantic, Roadrunner, and Razor and Tie, among other record labels. It’s rare to find someone with the tenure in the music industry that Mike has, and that’s not a coincidence. Mike and Aram connected to discuss his career and how to take lessons from experiences and apply them to larger markets and opportunities.

In 2017, Bridge 9 Press published a 288-page reproduction of Mike’s xXx zine in hardcover format.


In this episode, we talk about:

• Moving from documenting to creating
• How to manage (and deal with) creative giants
• How to grow and stay successful in tough industries
• Keeping an open mind and learning from your mistakes
• Understanding and being a constant in a world of change
• How youthful energy can still reshape the world
• The intersection of art, marketing, and a message


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