One Step Beyond Podcast featuring Chris Hammell

Business, Barbershops and Mental Health with Chris “Hambone” Hammell

This week on One Step Beyond, we’re joined by Chris “Hambone” Hammell, owner and manager of Town Barber and co-owner of Major Treat in Toronto, Canada.

Chris spent years on tour as a roadie with bands, working behind the scenes and making things happen. He loved how the job enmeshed him in the music and subculture, but he discovered what he really enjoyed was helping people.

After many years on the road, he knew he needed to make a change. He went looking for a career that could combine the satisfaction of helping people with the joy of sleeping in his own bed. This search brought him to the barber shop, where he first learned the trade and ultimately opened his own business. Through barbering, he’s able to make a difference in his client’s life by making them feel good, and in his employee’s lives by providing a great place to work.

On this episode, Aram and Chris dig deep into what it means to be a business leader, the unique challenges men face when it comes to mental health, the importance of not taking things personally, keeping a business alive during Covid, and so much more.


  • Recognizing the parallels between mental health and the health of your business.
  • Finding the positive in challenging situations.
  • Being a shitty employee can make a good boss.
  • Learning to manage low self-worth.
  • Struggling with mental health while leading a business.
  • Realizing that even if you have good friends, you may still need a good therapist.
  • Managing expectations and not taking things personal.

TW: This episode includes discussion of depression and suicide.

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