Healthy High Performance – David Diestel, Ep. 29

On this episode of One Step Beyond, Aram is joined by David Diestel, FirstService Residential’s CEO. David is both a lifelong leader and athlete, and he and Aram connected to discuss the role that exercise and fitness have in the life of a leader. High performers live high stress lives, and balance is more important than ever. Why is it that leaders often find themselves drawn to the world of running, cycling, climbing, and as David shares, free diving? Buckle up and dive in.

In this episode, we talk about:

• How to come together as a team during a pandemic
• Taking care of yourself to take care of others
• Quadrants of self care
• Unhealthy habits and the toll they take
• Advice for leaders trying to build high performance teams
• Worriers, not warriors
• Balancing work, life, and health in difficult times

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