One Step Beyond Featuring Patrycja Jackson

Jungian Analysis, Psychotherapy & Punk with Patrycja Jackson

On this episode of One Step Beyond, we are joined by Patrycja Jackson, MSc. (Clinical Psych.), Psychologist & Analytical Psychotherapist. This episode dives deep into intentionally creating your professional environment. Aram and Patrycja discuss what it takes to maintain professional integrity and boundaries in a working environment.

This conversation explores the different types of therapy available to individuals seeking help. Patricia describes how Jungian analysis and Psychotherapy can help individuals gain an understanding of themselves and their relation to their environment.

On this episode, Aram and Patrycja discuss the bridge between self-worth and charging your worth in business.


  • Intentionally creating your professional environment
  • Charging your worth
  • Developing a long-term relationship with your therapist
  • Archetype expression
  • The importance of sharing your challenges with others
  • Self-care as a practitioner