Leaning Into Vulnerability in your Career – Chris Anthony, Ep. 19

Chris Anthony is the Vice President of US Consumer Goods at Salesforce (#190 on the Fortune 500), he stays active in charity, is the Civilian Co-Lead of the Navy Seal Future Foundation, and he very recently passed the 15 year mark on his journey of sobriety. Chris and Aram connected on this episode of the One Step Beyond podcast to discuss just what vulnerability is in one’s career. The perceived value, the actual value, and the courage needed to lean into it. Confidence has been key for decades, but the winds of change are blowing. Having kept his sobriety to himself for the last 14.5 years, Chris has recently gone all-in on being vulnerable. He’s publicly sober, and as he says, if that helps even one person in their journey, it’s worth it.

In this episode we talk about:
• Being comfortable presenting yourself as yourself
• Opening up (sometimes for the first time)
• Addiction in the work place
• Real courage vs assumed courage
• The pressure of drinking to further one’s career
• Standing out through self awareness
• Confidence as an overplay
• Is what you’re bringing to table a benefit, or just a distraction?
• Recognizing when to, and when not to, be vulnerable


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