Lessons Learned Through Success – Dan Smith, Ep. 23

On this episode of One Step Beyond, Aram is joined by Dan Smith. Dan is a British born, New Zealand raised artist and musician who has spent his life playing in bands, tattooing and traveling the globe. From a young age, Dan loaded up on inspiration and set sail to take on the world and as a result is now one of the biggest names in modern tattooing. After relocating to Southern California in 2004, and various television appearances and musical endeavours later, he has acquired an impressive array of accomplishments doing the things he loves with purpose and passion.


In this episode we talk about:
• The reality of reality TV
• Having a picture painted of you, and what to do when it isn’t the real you
• What is success, and how does it change relationships?
• Blood, sweat, and tears… and now what?
• Compromising to be apart of someone else’s dream (and refusing to)
• The value and utility of friendships
• Chasing opportunity as an obligation
• Knowing when it’s your duty to step up
• Following your dream out of your comfort zone


Connect with Dan on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, through his band Sharp Shock, or at Captured Tattoo.


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