Luke Mickelson - Sleep In Heavenly Peace

A Bed for Every Child: With Luke Mickelson, Founder of Sleep in Heavenly Peace

On this episode of One Step Beyond, we are joined Luke Mickelson, Founder and Head of Development of Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

This episode delves into the benefit of taking direct action to be of service to your community. Luke highlights how anyone can make a difference by acting on their tiny moments.

We explore how Luke recognized the problem of childhood bedlessness and did something about it. What started as a simple family Christmas Project expanded to an official volunteer-driven 501C3 nonprofit. This quickly scaled up to 300+ chapters and 276K volunteers dedicated to building and delivering handmade, fully furnished bunk beds to children in need.

On this episode, Aram and Luke discuss what it means to stay mission focused while scaling up an organization. Luke shares his expertise on the topic, emphasizing how important it is to stay on course and avoid mission creep.


  • The joy of taking direct action to be of service
  • Bringing communities together to help solve a community problem
  • Founding and scaling up a 501C3 Non-Profit Organization
  • Why it’s important to stay mission focused

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