One Step Beyond Podcast: Mike Krupica - Parkdale Roadrunners

The only Constant is Change – Mike Krupica [Parkdale Road Runners]

On this episode of the One Step Beyond Podcast, we are joined by Mike Krupica.
Mike Krupica, co-founder of the Parkdale Roadrunners, joins from his home city of Toronto. This legendary run crew of almost 500 global members has met weekly for over 13 years in the Parkdale community to run together, rain or shine, on time, with no one left behind.

We discussed the origin of the run crew and what makes a crew different from a run club. We also dig into the impact of the unspoken rules that govern subculture and the benefits and challenges of navigating the corporate space through this lens.

This episode explores creating community in an underserved neighbourhood experiencing gentrification, the responsibility to have difficult conversations, respecting and listening to community needs while supporting existing culture, and much more.


  • The origin of the Parkdale Roadrunners run crew and how it’s expanded and grown in 13 years to over 500 people globally
  • What it means to be a leader who listens to and respects community needs
  • Being self-aware of emotional investment and learning to manage expectations
  • Beingpart of people’s big life changes
  • Recognizing the core values run crew brings to daily life: discipline, integrity, accountability
  • Creating and building a community that is accessible and all inclusive
  • The impact of subculture expanding world views and being part of something bigger than yourself
  • Operating without a roadmap
  • Understanding the parallels between run crew and the corporate world

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