Harnessing Punk and the Entrepreneurial Spirit – Matt Saincome: The Hard Times & OutVoice. Ep. 11

On this episode of the podcast, Aram sits down with Matt Saincome, co-founder of the punk-themed satirical news site, The Hard Times and OutVoice, a new payment product for publishers and freelancers. Matt talks about how punk played a huge role in developing his entrepreneurial spirit. He shares some incredibly insightful and powerful lessons he learned and applied from his experience touring in bands, writing zines and running a record label. All of it giving him the permission to take the throne and carve out his own path.

On this episode we talk about:
• How he found his way to journalism through writing a punk zine
• How he started The Hard Times
• What he learned from a conversation with Ian MacKaye
• Shares his method of how he pursues his many ideas
• Shares advice about knowing when to walk away from a project
• How his business has evolved
• What he looks for and values in a partnership
• The three big lessons professionals can learn and apply from the punk scene
• Branding, Team Building and Understanding people’s motivation
• Managing people’s emotions as a leadership essential, distilled from the punk scene.

About our guest:
Matt Saincome is the co-founder and CEO of The Hard Times, a punk-themed satirical news site and OutVoice, a new payment product for publishers and freelancers. Before that he traveled the world in straight edge hardcore bands, made a little punk zine, and ran a record label with his brother.

Connect with Matt through the following channels:
• Instagram:@mattsaincome / @thehardtimes
• Twitter: @MattSaincome /@REALpunknews
• Website: The Hard Times / OutVoice

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