Push it to the Limit: Making your Passion your Living – Armand Majidi [Sick Of It All] Ep. 44

On today’s podcast, we are joined by Armand Majidi, drummer of the legendary punk band, Sick Of It All. Armand shares his upbringing and discovery of hardcore music as he was coming to America from Iran. As his band grew over several years, the possibility of his passion becoming profitable started to become real and attainable. As many of the counterpart groups he would play with did not take that leap, Armand tells us how they pushed ahead and created something sustainable for their livelihood. We also talk about the importance of family dynamics, whether in your inner circle or the group of individuals you play music together with. This was a conversation that shows not only the legacy of the band, but how doing things 110% always wins in the end.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Searching for hard rock in Iran
  • Doubling down on art as a career
  • Push back for making a living
  • Navigating family life as a musician
  • Advice for young touring bands

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