Raising The Bar – Smart Recruiting – Tom Couture, Ep. 17

Tom Couture is the national sales manager for BD Home Care, specializing in interviewing, hiring, and talent strategy. His incredible insight into the process of interviewing can help improve anyone’s approach. Having spent the last 17 years working his way up at BD, his diligence to team strategy has not gone unnoticed. With more than 20 years of sales experience, Tom has an intrinsic knowledge of people. In this episode, we discussed what makes a good hire a good hire, how to recover from missteps, and some common pitfalls that all companies, large and small, suffer from.

In this episode we talk about:
• The difference between a good fit, and just being friendly
• The dangers of first impressions
• What to do when you have no clue
• How to make hiring a priority
• The best practices for the best results
• The best person vs the right person
• Gut feelings (and the patterns therein)
• What to do when it’s time to (let) go
• The pillars of talent strategy


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