Relationship Building in the Music Industry – James Tsaptsinos, Ep. 20

James Tsaptsinos was born in Brooklyn, NY and entered the world of music at the age of 12 with his first drum set. From that day on he knew music would be his life but didn’t know it would be his career. James spent his teen years skateboarding and enveloping himself in the NY Punk and Hardcore Music scene while learning the lessons of work ethic through his family business. This led to years of recording and touring providing the building blocks for his future career. James is currently VP of Global Sales for JAM USA Music overseeing 3 sales divisions by applying the lessons learned about relationship development, networking and a PMA approach to business.

In this episode we talk about:
• Lessons learned growing up in an immigrant family in Brooklyn
• Relationship management
• Commonality as a key to success
• Anti-establishment vs building relationships
• Why relationships matter in sales
• Building one’s way out of chaos
• Collaborative partnerships for the long run
• How to recognize the talent of those around you
• Individuality as an asset

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