Rock and Roll Real Estate – Rebellion in the Work World – Fred Waks, Ep. 18

Fred Waks has been the President and CEO of the Trinity Development Group since 2015. Most recently before that, he was the President and COO of RioCan, which saw a growth from $100 million to $15 billion in assets during Fred’s tenure, making them the largest retail landlord in Canada. While Fred has been in real estate since the 1980s, his rock and roll roots go back far longer than that. Fred is a life-long rock and roller; he can talk the talk, he can walk the walk, and his inner rebel doesn’t stay inside for long. Fred joined Aram via Zoom for this episode of One Step Beyond to give us some insight to his life, his career, his charity work and the musical soundtrack that helped him get there.

In this episode we talk about:
• Knowing when your company needs you vs when you need your company
• The value of formal education (and if there is any)
• The difference between being rebellious and being foolish
• Value of theory and communication
• Fred’s favourite bands (and more specifically, drummers)
• Fred’s extensive charity work
• Settling (or not) for second place
• How to keep rebellion in check
• The downside of rebellion


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