Shifting Tastes – A Very Good Vegan Experience – Mitchell Scott, Ep. 46

On this episode of One Step Beyond, we’re are joined by Mitchell Scott, Co-Founder & CEO of The Very Good Food Company. This is a fruitful conversation around the growing interest of plant-based eating in our world. Mitchell tells us how the company started, how they scaled their business, and the shifts they’ve seen in taste and awareness around veganism. We are also joined by Cadence’s own, Monica Krock, to co-host this very special episode. Grab your favourite vegan snack, and come join us for this conversation.

In this episode, we talk about:

• The origin of The Very Good Food Company
• The importance of communication
• Market challenges in the plant-based space
• Putting yourself in front of people
• Fast-food chains introducing vegan products
• And much more!

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