One Step Beyond Podcast Featuring Janneane Madill of The Alice Sanctuary

Unleashing Compassionate Leadership: Insights from Janneane Madill, Founder of The Alice Sanctuary

Founder of The Alice Sanctuary, Janneane Madill, joins Aram for a conversation about the intricacies of leading an animal sanctuary and a charitable organization.

Janneane has always felt connected to animals, and after doing a school project on factory farming, she became interested in animal rights. This interest followed her into adulthood with her choosing to not consume meat and become a vegan.

She founded the sanctuary 11 years ago after asking herself the big question: why am I here? Trained as a social worker, she had been working in and creating safe spaces for humans. When she really thought about her purpose, she realized her calling was to do this for animals. Love, kindness, compassion, and safety are foundational needs for humans and animals alike.

This conversation explores what it means to become attuned to your core values, leading with integrity, staying the course even when faced with legal battles, and so much more.


  • Learning how to best create and maintain infrastructure on 118 acres of land.
  • Creating accessible community programming for individuals and groups.
  • Recognition of empathy and the interconnectedness of all beings on the planet.
  • Why animal sanctuaries matter.
  • Detangling yourself from the unintended power involved in choosing what we eat.
  • Initiating change and being present with others to transform.
  • Facing legal opposition as a farm sanctuary operating in farming community.
  • Communicating in a way that is aligned and brings the most value.
  • Being ultimately committed and the belief that anything is possible.
  • What it means to lead with integrity and carry the weight of becoming an inspiration to others.

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