Jordan Cash

The Do’s and Doughnuts of Running a Small Business – Jordan Cash [Cartems Donuts]

On this week’s episode of One Step Beyond, Aram sits down with business owner and dreamer, Jordan Cash.

When we say dreamer, we mean it literally. The idea for his successful gourmet donut shop Cartems came to him in a dream – name and all. Jordan took this dream, found a partner to help him with his vision, and did what he needed to do to make it happen. Spoiler – it was a lot of work.

During their conversation, Aram and Jordan discuss getting a business off the ground, how small businesses can bring you to tears, recentering the vision of your business and more! They also discuss their favourite doughnuts – is the apple fritter the perfect doughnut?


  • What it means to be a leader and the burden of it.
  • Building trust through persistence.
  • Walking the walk.
  • Leadership tropes.
  • The emotional roller coaster of running a small business.
  • Not losing sight of your vision and your staff.
  • Delicious doughnuts.

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