The Lies in the Supply – Jake Conroy [The Cranky Vegan], Ep. 53

Jake Conroy joins us on this episode of One Step Beyond. Being someone who’s been a leader in animal rights activism, Jake shares his many years of experience and how he’s seen the movement shift and evolve over the years. In addition to his on-the-ground activism work, Jake also runs his own YouTube channel titled “The Cranky Vegan”. This conversation asks the important questions of how do we make meaningful impacts when it comes to animal rights activism, and how do we know if we are winning or losing the fight. Once again we are joined by Cadence’s own, Monica Krock, to co-host this episode of the podcast.

In this episode, we talk about:

• Purity politics
• Changing things that upset you
• Going after corporations
• Underappreciated activism efforts
• Radical resistance
• And much more!

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