The Success Mindset – Chantal Hennessey, Ep. 37

We’ve all got a mindset, but how come some can do so much more with theirs? Have you ever sat down to quantify exactly what your mindset was? This week’s guests is Chantal Hennessey, and she has. She’s laid out exactly what helped her climb to her current position as a producer at Netflix in Hollywood. She calls it the All-CAPPS Mindset, and it’s helped her navigate every twist and turn of her career (of which there many, she explains). On this episode of One Step Beyond, Chantal and Aram discuss her career, her wins, her losses, and just how important persistence can really be on the way to the top.

In this episode, we talk about:

• What is All-CAPPS?
• Leaning into instincts, and knowing your nature
• What to do when you’re working hard for the wrong people
• Don’t dream it – be it
• How can curiosity help a career?
• The value of experience vs the ideals of youth
• The communicative power of email

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