The Willingness to Change. Ep. 7

Change doesn’t come easy and when faced with difficult feedback or challenging self-reflection, being willing to push through the discomfort and grow personally and professionally can be just as hard. We explore the willingness to change with our guest, Rob Hanson. Rob is a senior leader and no stranger to embracing change. We talk about the ups and downs in his career, his commitment to lifelong learning,  changing to stay relevant in business and what all of this has done for him and what it can do for others.

On this episode we talk about:

  • The unique question he asks during the interview process.
  • When he started to embrace change and really push himself.
  • What he learned from a big step back in his career.
  • How the willingness to change is crucial to staying competitive professionally.
  • How he sets the tone to encourage personal and professional development within his team.
  • We consider what keeps people in their lane and the reasons people become stagnant.
  • How reading leads to change and self-improvement and the 52 books he read in 2019.
  • The role of being humble in change.
  • What are some untapped opportunities for the Healthcare industry and what it would take to impact real change.

About our guest:

Rob Hanson was appointed Senior Vice President and General Manager of the BD Urology and Critical Care upon the acquisition of C.R. Bard by Becton, Dickinson and Company.  As SVP & General Manager, in this role he leads commercial execution for the Urology and Critical Care businesses.

Prior to the acquisition, Rob joined Bard in 1995 as a sales specialist, in 1999 he was promoted to Manager, Division Sales and then to Director in 2002. From that point on he has held positions of increasing responsibilities. In 2004 he was named VP, Sales and then General Manager in 2008.

Rob received a BS in Finance from Kansas State University and his Master of Business Administration from Emory University.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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