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The deeper we look, the more clearly you see with the Cadence 360 Program

The Cadence 360 program can help individuals enhance their personal leadership skills. The Standard Team 360 can help identify your team’s areas for growth, while the Team 360 Plus identifies areas for team improvement.

The Cadence approach is unique in that, rather than using surveys, our 360 analysts go deeper through one-on-one phone interviews. You identify the pools of participants to be interviewed and only their feedback is considered in our analysis and report.

We take a holistic approach by investing more time into data collection, making room for candour and nuance. Our reports are based on thematic analysis, which looks for patterns within the data collected. Reports are also organized into several sections, with “areas of strength” and “areas for growth” as identified by the participants.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Insight into how others see you, beyond your own level of self-awareness debriefed by a Cadence coach.
  • Improves performance and accountability and strengthens relationships.
  • 60-minute debrief with team leader led by a Cadence coach.
  • Identifies areas where teams can grow as well as ideas on how to bridge gaps.
  • Includes 90-minute debrief with Cadence coach for leader and team members.
  • Help developing an action plan with clear steps and specific strategies.

For you or your team, the Cadence 360 is a valuable tool that can help you achieve your full potential. Contact us today to begin your journey to greatness!

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