Corporate Social Responsibility

Our priorities: 


The following initiatives are part of our growing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion focus: 

Pink Tax

In 2023, Cadence Leadership + Communication introduced a Pink Tax offset initiative for full-time employees. What is “pink tax”? Simply put, pink tax is a pricing practice in which products deemed ‘for women’ are priced higher than those marketed ‘for men’. Studies from 2021 have found that women now pay over 50% more for unisex hygiene products than those labelled ‘for men.’  We aim to offset the additional expenses paid out of pocket by people who identify as women and those who menstruate. For those affected by the pink tax, we provide an additional $30 per paycheque.  


Cadence Leadership + Communication strives to make all of our services and products accessible to people of all abilities. Caption and translation services are offered upon request. We use HTML and Alt Text to make our website, newsletters, and learning guides readable by screen readers and translation tools. If you find something in our offerings or online spaces that isn’t accessible, please email, and we will prioritize correcting it.   

Mental Health
+ Wellness

As a company founded by a therapist, and who provides courses on well-being, we prioritize the mental health and well-being of our employees. We ensure all of our health insurance options include mental health services. Our employees have unlimited vacation/sick days, and we encourage them to be used for mental health days when needed.  

Volunteered by Cadence Employees in 2023

Donated by Cadence Employees in 2023