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Upgrade for meaningful growth

We love working in group learning environments and strive to deliver engaging and inspiring sessions that provide real and lasting results.

Our group learning sessions come in Core and Custom formats, and both work well when delivered virtually. All of the learning is applied, meaning participants put the ideas and skills into practice as they learn. Group size varies based on the length and focus of the session, with the average being 12 participants. However, group size can be smaller or much larger depending on the course material.

Our courses are built using interconnected learning modules, and each module can stand on its own or be combined with others as required. This modular format allows us to update or enrich courses efficiently to ensure relevance and alignment with your desired outcomes.

Our Core Courses focus on leadership and communications essentials, and can be tailored to ensure complete alignment with your objectives.

Online Teaching

Our group learning sessions come in two formats: Core and Custom. Both formats are offered virtually.

Custom Courses

Our Custom Courses are created specifically for organizations whose requirements are not met through our core course offerings. Since they are created from the ground up, the process of course content development is collaborative and designed to match your vision.

If you want a custom course and aren’t sure where to start, just drop us a line! We enjoy being in the creative space with clients and building courses is fun, quick and never fails to generate great results.