Leading through Challenging Conversation

Maintain relentless curiosity and openness during interpersonal challenges to create a positive environment

Bringing great people together to achieve results sometimes comes with challenges. Tensions rising, silos developing and the familiar tough spots that many teams have found themselves in. In times like these communication matters, and having a courageous conversation the right way can make all the difference. This course teaches professionals how to lead through challenging conversations and to help set the right tone for progress.

Key Learnings:

  • Disarming tension through curiosity, accountability and understanding.
  • Asking questions that deepen discussions and keep them focused.
  • Listening and responding to encourage engagement and openness.
  • Discussing experience and impact without blaming or meaning-making.
  • Adopting the mindset that unsticks stuck relationships.

Key Outcomes:

Participants will leave with strategies to:

  • Maintain control of their response when emotions are high.
  • Lean into authenticity instead of preference.
  • Consistently apply the right skills to navigate challenging business conversations.
  • Establishing outcomes that reflect compromise and progress.

Custom Courses

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