The Expert Advisor

Move beyond transactional service and learn how to build influence and relationships, and inspire through communication

Creating positive influence within organizations and with clients requires establishing relationships built on trust. Developing these kinds of relationships require exceptional communication skills, consistency and understanding the audience. This course is for professionals who want to move past the transactional style of a service provider and engage as trusted advisors. This session covers the fundamentals of building influence and relationships and discusses how to inspire through communication.

Key Learnings:

  • Adopting the mindset of an expert advisor.
  • Inspiring the belief that we can enhance the ability of our audience.
  • Building relationships and deepening trust in every conversation.
  • Using listening to help the audience uncover their true opportunity.

Key Outcomes:

Participants will walk away with strategies to:

  • Expand the audience’s understanding of what is possible.
  • Confidently providing the audience with solutions and advice.
  • Establish influence through tone setting and presence and the 3C’s: Credibility, Content and Connection.

Custom Courses

Our Custom Courses are created specifically for organizations whose requirements are not met through our core course offerings. Since they are created from the ground up, the process of course content development is collaborative and designed to match your vision.

If you want a custom course and aren’t sure where to start, just drop us a line! We enjoy being in the creative space with clients and building courses is fun, quick and never fails to generate great results.