Countering the Effects of Long-Term Stress

Managing the Long-Term Stress Response with the Three Ds of Self-Care

During periods of prolonged stress, understanding how to take care of ourselves is critical for thriving in challenging times. This session provides a deeper understanding of what happens when we’re chronically under stress. It provides the framework for an individualized approach to self-care that will allow professionals to remain consistent, healthy and thrive in turbulent times.

Key Learnings:

  • Defining the three phases of the long-term stress response: Alarm, Resistance, and Exhaustion.
  • Understanding the role of the sympathetic nervous system in the long-term stress response.
  • The Three D’s of self-care: Discipline, Distraction, and Disruption.

Key Outcomes:

Participants will walk away with strategies to:

  • Implement the foundations of self-care (exercise, diet, sleep, and social activity.)
  • Support physical and mental health during times of significant stress.
  • Operate at a high level while navigating difficult and uncertain times.

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