President & CEO

Aram Arslanian

Aram Arslanian is a coach, facilitator, and therapist with over 20 years of experience supporting individuals and groups in their development. He has worked globally with leaders and their teams, from the C-suite to the front lines. His background in business and counselling makes him uniquely qualified to support professional development. In this regard, each of these areas informs his work with clients: He knows what it takes to lead, understands the human dynamics involved and has the skills necessary to inspire through communication.

Background & Experience

Aram started his career as a clinical counsellor in the not-for-profit sector. During this time, he provided individual and group services as well as led teams and major community-based projects. He transitioned into the private sector as an executive coach and educator to help professionals make meaningful and lasting changes in the way they lead. During this time, he has engaged with leaders and teams from a diverse range of industries including technology, banking and financial services, energy, aeronautics, transportation, healthcare, residential and commercial management, mining, construction, entertainment, not-for-profit, and many more.

Beyond his coaching practice, Aram’s business background is based on his time as an executive leader. Prior to founding Cadence he held an executive role in which he developed and led international teams and navigated the complexities of growing a business. Thus, his work with clients is informed by his coaching experience and the lived experience as an executive leader.

Coaching Approach

Aram’s coaching is centred on supporting professionals in moving beyond habits and beliefs that limit their reach, towards their true potential as leaders and communicators. This is achieved by focusing on two areas that share a direct positive relationship. The first area is developing a deep understanding of the self, the audience, and the dynamics of the business environment. The second area is learning how to communicate in a manner that is confident, clear, concise and inspires action. When honed, these skills enable professionals at any level to build strong business relationships. In short, Aram’s goal is to support professionals in growing their ability to lead authentically, effectively, and consistently.