Taylor Young, Twitching Tongues, The Pit Recording Studio

Forever Accessible – Taylor Young of TWITCHING TONGUES, The Pit Recording Studio [Reissue]

On this week’s One Step Beyond, we are reissuing Episode 94. We’re joined by Taylor Young of Twitching Tongues, God’s Hate and owner and operator of The Pit Recording Studio.  

This episode delves into building a business like a punk band. Bands and businesses are one and the same. Taylor Young is someone who’s built up his life and career entirely around music. In this episode, Taylor shares the early stages of his studio “The Pit,” his approach to compromise and how others can turn their passions into professions.    


  • Building a business like a punk band 
  • Knowing and defending your worth as a professional 
  • Creating multiple revenue streams 
  • Defining what compromise means to your business 

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