Jonathan Anatas of DYS & ClashTV

Leaning Into Disruption with Jonathan Anastas, CEO of ClashTV

On this episode of One Step Beyond, we are joined by Jonathan Anastas, CEO of ClashTV, Executive Board Chair of AlphaGen Intelligence & co-founder of the seminal hardcore band DYS.

This episode dives deep into the concept of leaning into disruption. Aram and Jonathan discuss the ways our landscape has shifted: the way we do business, consume media and listen to music.

This conversation explores the high level of accountability that comes with a CEO role. Jonathan further shares the importance of relentless discipline; you’ve just got to show up, no matter how tired you are, no matter how insecure you are, no matter how ill prepared you feel.

On this episode, Aram and Jonathan delve into the power of vulnerability, and why it’s important to keep talking and share our struggles with one another.


  • The accountability of being CEO
  • Leaning into disruption
  • Unlocking challenges in the new normal
  • Power of vulnerability