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Jonathan Hutchinson, Youth Program Coordinator & Coach at Diaz Combat Sports

On this episode of One Step Beyond, we are joined by Jonathan Hutchinson, Youth Program Coordinator and Coach at Diaz Combat Sports. On this episode Aram and Jonathan explore the significance of practical experience, the value of diverse learning paths, and the role of competition in personal development.

Aram and Jonathan discuss the value of mentorship and the barriers to entry in various professions. Aram emphasizes the importance of learning from experienced individuals, regardless of their formal education. Aram shares his experience with a mentor who had no formal education but taught him invaluable lessons. Aram and Jonathan discuss that structured education is valuable but should not be the sole gatekeeper for entering a field.

Jonathan shares his experiences with coaches from different backgrounds, both formally educated and self-taught, and how they significantly impacted his development. He highlights the importance of seeking mentorship from those who excel in the field and the necessity of learning from diverse experiences.

The conversation explores the nature of competition, where Jonathan explains that competition is not just about winning, but about mutual growth and respect. He reflects on the beauty of martial arts, where competition drives individuals to be their best, and the courage to compete despite the odds fosters personal growth and resilience.


  • The significance of practical experience
  • Mentorship
  • The value of competition
  • Fostering community
  • Earning a living doing what you love

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