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Laura DeFrate, HR Operations Leader

On this episode of One Step Beyond, we are joined by Laura DeFrate, HR Operations Leader. On this episode Aram and Laura discuss the role of Human Resources. Although often perceived as the corporate boogeyman, Laura highlights the crucial role of HR in shaping a positive employee experience.

This conversation explores HR as advocates for employees, handling the behind-the-scenes tasks, ensuring employees take their PTO, have access to mental wellness benefits, and have a seamless experience at work.

This conversation delves into the complexities of company culture, particularly in a remote work environment. Aram and Laura discuss the challenge of translating vague cultural ideals into concrete actions, highlighting the importance of behaviors and skills that align with company values. Aram suggests that while culture should be aspirational, it should also acknowledge the human element, allowing for imperfection and self-reflection. Laura adds that kindness and feedback can be interpreted differently by individuals, especially in diverse work environments.

H.R. corporate boogeyman or an advocate who shapes the employee experience in a positive wayAspirational approach to company cultureEnsuring you’re getting the best and brightest by making sure Neurodivergent employees have the tools that they need to be successful The value of remote work and zoom and teams as a means of connection

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