One Step Beyond Podcast Featuring Steve Evans of Show Imaging

Behind the Scenes with Show Imaging: A Conversation with Steve Evans

Steve Evans is the founder and president of Show Imaging, an innovative production company that creates unique live experiences.

In this episode Aram and Steve explore what it’s like to found and scale up a business while growing into a leadership position. Show Imaging started as a one man show with just Steve, and now over ten years in, he’s built his team to over 200.

During this discussion they explore what it means to take risks, the humbling but helpful nature of self-awareness, the importance of belonging and more. This conversation has depth and real insights on the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.


  • Founding and scaling up a company.
  • Hiring for ability and willingness to learn.
  • Being an unintentional leader and learning the art of leadership
  • Being an inseparable part of someone else’s creative output.
  • Creating careers not jobs.
  • Looking at risk reward ratio and using strategy when investing.
  • Defining core values.
  • Taking the opportunity to make change and willfully do the hard work.
  • Operating in a new paradigm post covid shut down.
  • Learning the skill of leading with authenticity vs preference.
  • The importance creating a sense of belonging.

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